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Integrated Deep Tissue Massage and Zen Shiatsu in Two Harbors and Brimson, Minnesota

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We provide a relaxing and peaceful space where you can let go and feel your tension melt away. Our #1 goal is for you to have the experience you want - it's your massage.

Science has proven that stress is one of the largest contributors to illness. Relaxation is the key to better health. When the mind and body are relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and the body begins to heal itself. Massage and Shiatsu not only help you relax, but also increase your awareness of the body/mind connection. You then get a better sense of how your body feels and where your pain or stress are coming from.

After a massage or shiatsu treatment we will spend time with you to suggest exercises and assess the work we did or would like to do on your next visit. Through our study of Qi (chi), Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Zen Shiatsu, we have a unique understanding of body energy systems and how they can work to improve your life. We bring that into our work, and our intention is to treat the whole person within the scope of our practice.

Cloud Hands Healing Arts is owned and operated by Michael Kapsos and his partner Linda Kinnunen. Michael's uses an " Integrative Deep Tissue" approach, he is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Myoskeletal Therapist and uses a combination of Massage Cupping Therapy, Connective Tissue Release, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Acupressure and Reflexology.  Linda is a Certified Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and CMT. We share a space in Two Harbors, MN and at our home in the beautiful Superior National Forest in Brimson, MN.

We look forward to meeting you - here's to your health!

 Michael Kapsos & Linda Kinnunen

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